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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Reborn Dolls made of?

Reborn dolls are made out of soft vinyl kits. The vinyl is hand painted with many layers of Genesis Heat Set paints and sealed with a matte varnish. The dolls are weighted with fine non-toxic glass beads and high quality polyfil.

How much are your dolls?

Our dolls range in price depending on the kit and supplies wanted as well as the details. Fully detailed dolls are priced at $1050CAD and up. From time to time I will have less detailed dolls listed as budget babies in the shop. These usually start at $500CAD.

Do you make silicone dolls?

No, I only make reborn dolls. Please see the next question for more information.

What is the difference between reborn and silicone dolls?

Reborn dolls are made from soft vinyl material and silicone dolls are poured in silicone material. These are both similar in the fact that they are both made to look as realistic as possible, but the materials they are made of are completely different. Reborn dolls are anywhere from $500CAD and up, silicone dolls are anywhere from $1750CAD and up.

How long does a Reborn Doll take to make?

A reborn doll usually takes Canadian Cuties Reborn Dolls 8 -weeks to complete..

Who can benefit from these dolls?

Many people of all ages, and gender enjoy the benefits of these Reborn Babies. 

This type of therapy can help; 

• parents who have lost children

• parents who can't conceive

• mental illness

• Alzheimer's 

• dementia 

• autism 

• down syndrome 

• and many others!

These dolls are also enjoyed by many collectors all over the world.

Do you sell or rent your dolls for television or productions?

Yes. If you are looking to use one of these realistic dolls in a television or movie set please contact by e-mail or by using the contact form in the home page.

How do Reborn Dolls help in a therapeutic way?

Reborn dolls are weighted proportionally to feel as realistic to a newborn baby as possible. Their head even flops back! 

The weight in the arms and comfort of holding a realistic baby is calming to many. 

For more information on the therapy benefits please visit:

What is mottling?

Mottling is the tiny reddish circles in the skin that most newborn babies have.

Which countries do you ship to?

Shipping is available worldwide. Please get in touch for an accurate shipping quote.

What do the Reborn Dolls come home with?

Unless otherwise stated, Canadian Cutes Reborn Dolls come home with a gender specific outfit, blanket, pacifier, and diapers. 
If the doll has a certificate of authenticity, that will also be included, as well as a nursery birth certificate and care instructions. 

There is also an option to purchase a larger box opening in the shop section.

What sizes do the dolls come in?

Reborn dolls range in sizes micro-preemie to toddler size dolls. 
Micro-preemie (14" long & below)
Preemie (14"-16" long) 
Newborn (17"-22" long)
0-3 month (23"-24" long)
Toddler size (25" and above)

How long do Reborn Dolls last?

These dolls are meant to last a life time with the proper care and handling. They are always meant to be treated like a real baby in order to keep them in pristine condition for years and years. They should be handled gently and never picked up by the limbs or head.

What is a belly plate?

A belly plate is a separate piece of painted vinyl sculpted as a belly. Belly plate's can be added to any doll. They can be anatomically correct or gender neutral. 
They are used more for posing and pictures, but can also be attached with string around the doe suede body to make the baby seem like a full body baby.

What is a full body Reborn Doll?

A full body baby is a reborn doll without the doe suede body. This means the body is vinyl like the head and limbs, and painted fully. 
These babies are anatomically correct.

Do you accept payment plans?

Payment plans are available on custom orders only unless otherwise stated. A deposit of 50% of the purchase price is due at the start of the order and the remaining 50% is due upon completion of the doll.

What is the difference between a basic baby and fully detailed baby?

Why do reborn dolls cost so much?

Reborn dolls have a higher cost than store bought dolls for many reasons. The first being that the supplies to make these dolls are high. Then the artist charges for their work and the quality of their work. These dolls take many, many hours to make and you have to factor in all of the work the artist is doing into the cost.

View the supply pricing breakdown below. 

Remember this does NOT include the cost of the work of the artist. 

Supplies                                                                                              Cost (CAD)       

Paperwork                                                                                                $5

Packing Supplies (box, ribbon, tissue etc)                                          $10-$15

Diapers                                                                                                     $5

Blanket                                                                                                      $10

Sleeper                                                                                                      $15

Outfit                                                                                                         $15-$30 each

Pacifier                                                                                                      $5 

Rooting Needles                                                                                       $15

Glue                                                                                                            $10 

Mohair                                                                                                       $50-$100 

Cable Ties                                                                                                 $3

Magnets                                                                                                    $3              

Eyelash Hair                                                                                             $4                                 

Paints                                                                                                        $20                                 

Matte Varnish                                                                                          $5       

Gloss                                                                                                         $2

Nylons                                                                                                      $3

Glass Beads                                                                                             $5

Polyfil                                                                                                       $7

Body                                                                                                         $20

Sculpt                                                                                                      $130-$250

TOTAL = $342 (on the low end)

Remember, this is the total cost of SUPPLIES and does NOT include the artists time, quality of work or any extras. 

These dolls take weeks and weeks to make and once you factor in the artists work you can see why the total cost of these dolls makes sense.

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